Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rabbinical Students So Wrongheaded

In a publicly released statement, thirteen self-proclaimed rabbinical students of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary express disagreement with the decision taken by US President Donald Trump on Jerusalem.

Besides a bit of theology and morality, I found these examples of their political thinking:

...the president [who] called for a continued hope for a two-state solution...he has done nothing to show honest dedication to advancing such a goal...we expect the Jewish state to govern with this holy mandate of equality and humanity for all peoples in mind. We therefore envision a Judaism...and a State of Israel that heeds the cries of our Palestinian brothers and sisters who currently live with neither a path to citizenship nor self-determination.

That is just so wrong.

Trump visited the region, talked to Abbas, spoke with him in Washington, set up a special team - all to no avail.  Abbas doesn't want to compromise, doesn't want to negotiate and initiates moves that undermine the Oslo Accords as well as continuing to incite. 

Governing Israel does not mean that enemies gain equality while enemies.

Arabs who refer to themselves as Palestinians and who throw rocks, firebombs and shoot to kill are not brothers and sisters.  This statement allow Arab terrorists to be off the hook. They have no responsibility.  There is nothing in this statement that urges the Arabs to do something, to adopt a different position than what they have held for the past century.

This is shameful as a moral, ethical and religious stand not taken by these students.

And is is untrue that these Arabs have no path.

They were awarded an Authority in Judea and Samaria. Israel withdrew/disengaged from Gaza. Has terror halted? Has economic and social development been furthered? Have funds been devoted to improving their lives or endangering Jewish lives?

They were offered in 1977 a self-governing authority which, if accepted, would probably have led to s state by now.  They could form a confederation with Jordan, itself a Palestinian state territorially. They have options.  They could have not left Ehud Olmert's map on the table.  They could have accepted 97% of area at Camp David II.

If this is their knowledge of political and diplomatic history, I fear for their future congregations.

Their names:

Maya Zinkow 
Blair Nosan
Deborah Megdal
Abigail Weber
Jonathan Posner
Deena Cowans 
Margo Hughes-Robinson 
Kevin Peters
Viktoria Bedo
Shani Abramowitz 
Ben Freed
Jess Belasco
Raanan Mallek


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Garnel Ironheart said...

> we expect the Jewish state to govern with this holy mandate of equality and humanity for all peoples in mind

And they expect the Arab states to govern with a medieval attitude, persecute gays, enslave women and they have no problem with that.