Friday, December 29, 2017


Last week, a sign showing a guillotine was held aloft at the anti-"Netanyahu-is-Corrupt" demos:

Now we have Eran Volkowsly's caricature today in Haaretz, with left-wing humor:

A double-bladed battle axe.  

And, by the way, Persians and Mamelukes used them and they were termed tabarzin.

The text reads:

This will scare them

What scares me is either the obliviousness of Israel's leftists - and that includes most of the media which provided protective cover for that guillotine by pooh-poohing the whole incident (in democracies we change leader wither through the ballot or a judicial process) - to the seriousness of introducing bloody violence into the public discourse, something they always blame the right-wing for doing or, the possible encouragement Volkowsky lends to even worse characterizations.

Netanyahu was displayed with a noose last year.  That was "art".

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked was drawn naked.  Art.

It keeps getting worse.  And the Left demands morality and ethics in public life.

And they are hypocritical as when President Rivlin was portrayed in a keffiyeh because that's as we all "know", is incitement to murder.

Sure, for Volkowsky and his editor, it's "funny".  Funny as only the Left defines humor.

That's scary.  Really.


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