Thursday, December 01, 2016

Student Assistance from the U.S. Jerusalem Consulate

Here are two updates found on the US Jerusalem Consulate General Facebook page:

Are you a student between the ages of 20-24 with strong English skills and leadership potential? If so, you need to apply for the MEPI Student Leaders Program! This is a fully-funded six-week intensive leadership training program in the United States for undergraduate students from across the Middle East and North Africa. Apply via the link here and share with your friends. Amideast- West Bank EducationUSA GAZA Education USA - West Bank

If you go to the link, the first requirement is

"Eligible Applicants:
Palestinian citizens, living and attending university in the West Bank, Jerusalem or Gaza. Note that applicants should be residing in one of these three areas at the time of application submission and during the interview process."

What is a "Palestinian citizen"? Is there a country called "Palestine"?  
Can a Jew be an "Palestinian citizen" living in "Jerusalem" or the "West Bank"?

Or does a Jew living in a community village like Shiloh or a town like Efrat or a city like Ariel not live in the "West Bank"?

By the way, that interpretation may have relevance for the labeling of products by the EU.

If the US doesn't consider me or other Jews as living in the "West Bank", why label our products as being produced there?

Are you a Palestinian university student who is interested in spending a semester studying at a U.S. University? If so, consider applying for the Global UGRAD program! This fully funded State Department Program will give you the opportunity to enroll in full-time, non-degree, undergraduate course work at a prestigious U.S. university. Apply here and share with your friends. #Exchanges  Amideast- West Bank

If you go to that link you'll read:

​"Eligibility for the Global UGRAD Program: 1. Applicants must be Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, the West Bank, or Gaza and must be currently studying in their place of residence"

What is a "Palestinian resident"? Only Arab? Or only Muslim? Or only Christian? 

Or, anything but Jewish?

By the way there's more there:

But nothing in a Jewish residential community.


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Anonymous said...

On the flip side, Americans boycotting Israel will buy "West Bank" Israeli products thinking it's Pyrostinian (pun intended).