Friday, December 02, 2016

Shiloh, As Seen From Across the Valley

I just received this in the mail:

While growing up in in Turmus Ayya I was surrounded by tales and evidence to dislike Israel. From the way 18-20 year olds in the military harassed innocents on the streets to the stories of bombings in Gaza and elsewhere, the image of an omnipotent power forcing its might onto us was ubiquitous. I broke away from the reflexive hatred and realized that holding on to any grudge, especially when no direct harm to me was caused, is quite ignorant. The fog caused by the embitterment made it impossible to make out the beauty of belonging to such a region. The land where Eli lived, Hannah urged and Samuel reigned.

Attached are two pictures I took from the opposite side of Shiloh... I send these knowing that it's from an angle you probably never saw. (Sorry for the bad quality, I was just snapping pictures with no intention on what to capture).

Shiloh is far in the background, on the hill:


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