Sunday, December 11, 2016

Did You Know There Are No Jews in the "West Bank"?

No, I am not arguing 'West Bank' vs. Judea and Samaria.

I am basing my headline above on this Facebook post by the US Jerusalem Consulate which reads:

Have you ever heard of the Freedom Writers? It’s an initiative founded by U.S. teacher Erin Gruwel to transform the way educators teach. Erin paid us a visit to work with Palestinian teachers. She said she really loved listening to their stories and learning about love and hope from them. 


It is obvious that Ms. Gruwel, whose book was made into a movie I saw and with which I was impressed, did not visit with Jewish teachers.  We are not considered by the Consulate as "Palestinians" and as I have been documenting for the past decade, on Arabs residing in the Consulate's 'territory' merit, almost exclusively, these enrichment programs, cultural activities, outreach sessions, exhibits, performances, etc.

By the way, the only two languages in the post, you notice, are Arabic and English.

Hebrew is not a Consulate language even though there are some 800,00 Hebrew-speakers in Jerusalem and another 475,000 in Judea and Samaria, the area for which the Consulate is responsible in its role as the US State Department's mission to the area.

This eligibility requirement for a Fulbright Scholarship which was announced by the Consulate is nebulous:

Applicants must be East Jerusalem, West Bank or Gaza residents before and after submitting the application and during the interview process.

I am, however, basing myself on the previous eligibility forms over the years, sure that only Arabs need apply (Jews residing in the area would be told to apply through Israel).  Jews should not be in the "West Bank" and therefore, we're avoided, ignored and, for all intents and purposes, discriminated against.

As you can see, in this "2017 Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA)", as posted here, the eligibility is quite clear:

Applicants must be Palestinians resident in Jerusalem, Gaza, or the West Bank. 



rlandes said...

now there's something the new administration can fix without moving embassy to Jerusalem.

Ruth Jaffe Lieberman said...

Anyone who reads this and is Jewish, living on the 'West Bank', should apply for a Fulbright. Lets see what responses they all get!

Anonymous said...

well, this particular battle was lost in Oslo, wasn't it?

You will never "logic" your way out of this problem.

The ONLY solution is to FILL UP Judea & Samaria with people who believe that Har ha-Beit was the site of a Jewish Temple

Notice my odd choice of critieria. I worded it that way because, to a first approximation, J&S has already GOT most of the Jews its ever gonna get.

But Christians do believe in what I mentioned.

Disclaimer: Christianity certainly is a pagan religion.... so what? J&S is fighting for its EXISTENCE.

Besides: Christianity is INDIGENOUS to J&S. The Christians have the world's SECOND best claim to live there.

Lotsa Christian persecutees available at the moment. They ought to be grabbed before Trump brings them all to the USA.

Stop worrying bout the Arabists in the Jerusalem Consulate. They are clowns. Their only claim to fame is having learned one particular difficult language. Mr Tillerson will send the lucky ones to Dubai to enjoy the flood of Ukrainian amateur hookers. The unlucky ones will end up in Sana'a - sorry guys, you should have studied Hebrew. Or one of these other languages where world-changing decisions are made.

No world-changing decisions are made in Arabic, amigo.