Saturday, December 17, 2016

Maybe Move the US Consulate to Ramallah?

New offer for non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria - is there Hebrew in that symbol?

sponsored by US Jerusalem Consulate:

Wold (sic)* you like to study and work in the U.S.? Doing what? Tell us in a comment! Calling all high school and university students! This is your chance to apply for the 2017 Summer Work & Travel (SWT). This fully funded program will give you the opportunity to get a summer job in the U.S. and engage in cultural exchange opportunities. Don’t miss out! 


Job opportunities: Students who take part in this program are given a summer job and undertake non-skilled work in a seasonal environment. Typical seasonal job types include front desk clerk, sales associate, server, host, ride attendant, and resort worker. Students may work at a U.S. National Park, a mountain or beach resort area, or a popular amusement/theme park in a variety of U.S. states. 

For this programTechWomen 2017, a professional exchange program designed to enable women in the STEM fields to reach their full potential through five-week mentorships at leading U.S. companies and organizations in the United States. the qualification is

Candidates must be Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, the West Bank, or Gaza Strip.

Maybe, with the new ambassador arriving soon, the Consulate as is should be shut down and relocated to Ramallah if all it is interested in in "Palestine" and "Palestinian residents"?