Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Documentary on Irgun & Lechi Exiles in Africa

The tale of almost 500 members of the fighting undergrounds against the British Mandatory regime, the Irgun and Lechi, exiled to Africa has best been told by Yaakov Meridor in his book, "Long is the Road to Freedom". Another scholarly book is that of Shulamit Eliash. A new Hebrew edition has recently been published.

And now, Channel One TV has produced a 70-minute documentary on a group of these veterans who returned to Camp Gilgil. It was shown at the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival and last week at the Knesset. It will aired tomorrow night after the 9 PM news.

At the Knesset I spotted

a. Rachel Meridor-Kremerman:

Yair Stern:

Uzi Livnat:

Motke Tzipori:

And I found a BBC report on the camp and its commander.

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