Wednesday, May 31, 2006

She Was 27; He Was Only 22

The NYTimes has this report:-

In the West Bank, masked Palestinian gunmen killed a Palestinian man and woman they suspected of supplying information to Israel that led to the deaths of three Palestinian militants, including the woman's husband.

The man, Jafal Abu Tzrur, was shot in the street in front of a large crowd in Nablus, and the woman, Odad Abu Mustafa, was also gunned down in Nablus, in the courtyard of Rafidia Hospital. She was shot by her brother, The Associated Press reported, citing witnesses.

According to the gunmen from Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, the two were having an affair, and they provided information to the Israeli security forces that helped them track down and kill Ms. Mustafa's husband and two fellow militants in March. Ms. Mustafa was the mother of four, according to neighbors.

Besides the improper form of justice, which should be obvious to you, it might be interesting to know that she was 27 and he was 22. Death that way is a bit harsh in the circumstances.

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