Thursday, May 11, 2006

AJC Gets a Bit "Witty" (and a Double Standard example)

Here's an item from the American Jewish Congress site (at May 9):

Palestinians do what they do best, injure civilians and children

In what is probably going to be announced as a Zionist Plot, Eleven Palestinians were injured, including three Hamas and Fatah activists, during armed clashes between the supporters of both parties in the Tuffah Quarter of Gaza City. Eight of the injured were civilians, including five children. PCHR's initial investigation indicates that at approximately 02:00 on Tuesday, 9 May 2006, armed clashes erupted between members of Fatah and Hamas in the Tuffah Quarter of Gaza City. Automatic weapons were used in the clashes, which continued until the morning. Eleven Palestinians were wounded, including three members of both parties. The other eight injured persons were Tuffah residents, including five children. They were taken to
Shifa Hospital in Gaza City for treatment.

Of course, they left out that people were actually killed in these clashes. And, btw, they are still going on.

Let me try my hand at interpreting this, but in an internal Israeli way.

The terminology these events have received in the Israeli media is that the description a "Palestinian 'civil war' is to be avoided. On Channel One TV news I saw and heard Oded Granot reject the concept of fratricide.

However, if G-d forbid, even one Peace Now activist would be wounded in a fight with Kahane types or Gush Emunim identifiables, not to mention anything worse, the headlines and semantics would be 'civil war' loud and clear.

The old double standard of Left is Right and Right is Wrong.

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