Thursday, May 18, 2006

Now, This is Justice

Well, well, will this ruling apply to right-wing Jews?

Two leftist activists were acquitted Wednesday on charges of rioting during demonstrations against the construction of the separation fence on lands belonging to the West Bank village of Budrus in September 2004.

"The principle of freedom to demonstrate is a prime constitutional right," said Judge Alexander Ron, of the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, in dropping the charges against Yehonatan Pollak and Moshe Snitz. Ron said the court had to be cautious in determining the guilt of an individual who was present when others were rioting.

Another charge against the two, of disobeying a military order prohibiting their presence in the area, was dropped after the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court ruled that the charge did not apply to Israeli citizens in the territories.

The charge sheet stated that Pollak and Snitz were standing near stone-throwers, did not heed a call by security forces to leave and shouted at the soldiers. However the judge found that Pollak and Snitz had only disobeyed the military order and shouted at the soldiers.

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