Saturday, May 20, 2006

Isn't This a Piece of Mixed-up Writing?

The NYTimes (here) carried this Reuters report (here):-

GAZA (Reuters) - An Israeli air strike in Gaza killed four Palestinians, including a top Islamic Jihad militant, on Saturday, prompting calls of revenge by the armed group to continue targeting Israel in rocket attacks.

The missile strike occurred hours after Palestinian General Intelligence chief Tareq Abu Rajab was brought to Israel to treat wounds sustained in an explosion in an elevator at his Gaza Strip headquarters.

His ally President Mahmoud Abbas called the blast, which killed one of Abu Rajab's aides and wounded 10 people, an assassination bid.

If confirmed as a targeted attack, it would mark the highest-profile internal assassination attempt in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and could worsen enflamed tensions between loyalists of Abbas's Fatah group and Hamas supporters.

Now, what is the it in the last paragraph referring to - the Israeli air strike or the explosion in the elevator?

I think Reuters should have put out a better-structured piece which would have made things much clearer, at least to me.

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