Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just Who is the (Spoiled) Brat, Yair (son of Tomy) Lapid?

Yair Lapid, TV interviewer, Yediot columnist, son of Yosef (Tomy) Lapid and a few other things better-less-said, is a Leftist.

He reacted to the Channanel Dayan incident with this column, excerpted here but sourced here:-

The (dis)honorable Sgt. Dayan

Snubbing soldier is no hero. He is a symptom of a growing phenomenon of spoiled settler brats ...

...But the chief of staff declined – at the event and afterwards – to respond, [what? of course he commented]so the sergeant’s brigade took it up and there, for some reason, his unit commanders were not impressed by Hananel the horrible and kicked him out of the army [which the soldier's lawyer claims is illegal]. They said Hananel brought dishonor to the IDF uniform, and that he had been invited to the ceremony not as a representative of the political right-wing, but of the grease smattered army base of the 188th Armored Corps Brigade, called the Barak, or lightning, brigade...

...He was representing the 188th Armored Corps Brigade. This jerk Hananel [takes one to know one] seems to need a reminder about in whose name he stood there on the presidential lawn.

The Barak brigade began as the "Carmeli" Division in the War of Independence. The group sustained heavy losses in battles stretching from Manara in the north to the Western Galilee [and expelled many Arabs from their villages]...

...Seems we have been living at the grace of’ the "Hananels" of this country for a long time. Their infamous "love" for the Land of Israel extends no further than the part of the country that marches to their diktats. When it doesn't, they are quick to sever relations, and refuse to shake our hands.

I admit, it would be a bit insulting even if we bought into the theory that they are the country's "best and brightest," but they are not. There are no Tzvika Greengolds amongst them [no?]. They are little more than a bunch of spoiled brats, throwing tantrums when they don’t get the toys they want.

Many of us opposed the war in Lebanon, but we continued to serve. We opposed the Jewish settlements but we continued to pay for them. Nobody really wants to do reserve duty at the checkpoints.

Nevertheless, once a year we stand like idiots on our balconies in order to unfurl the Israeli flag. And maybe God doesn’t speak through us because of poor reception, but not a day goes by that we don’t pray for the welfare of this country and those who live here. Including Hananel the shameful.

P.S. I'll get back to this.

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