Thursday, May 18, 2006

Artistic Liberty/License

A movie about a Chassid, about a Chassid with doubts of faith, about a Chassid who becomes a drug 'mule', about a Chassid who falls for a Brazilian dancer named Bianca
is fine.

But things should really stop just before this part:-

In this C-movie of lust, faith and phylacteries in odd places — literally, when Yankie adorns a half-naked woman in them as part of some kind of erotic ritual — characters debate the pull of convention. One just wishes the director followed a few more conventions of his own.

Yona Wallach was like that and a poem (*) of hers on a siimilar theme (is that where he got it?) churned up a storm.

This is so unnecessary.


This is a censored version:

Come to me
don't let me do anything
you do it for me
do everything for me
what I even start doing
you do instead of me
I'll put on tefillin
I'll pray
you put on the tefillin for me too
bind them with delight on my body

make me swoon with sensation

tie my hands and feet
do things to me
against my will

and put the tefillin in my mouth
bridle reins

then I'll move them onto your body
with unconcealed intention
oh how cruel my face will be

I'll wind them several times around your neck, on one side
and on the other I'll tie them to something solid
especially heavy maybe twisting
I'll pull and I'll pull
till your soul leaves you
till I choke you
completely with the tefillin
that stretch the length of the stage
and into the stunned crowd.

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