Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Maybe they'll begin eliminating each other, solving our problems as well?

GAZA (Reuters) - President Mahmoud Abbas ordered the deployment of thousands of Palestinian police in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after the new Hamas government, in a challenge to his authority, posted its own armed contingent on the streets.

A senior Palestinian security official said the deployment, to be fully implemented by Thursday, would be the largest since police fanned out ahead of last year's Israeli pullout from the impoverished coastal territory after 38 years of occupation.

Both Abbas and the Hamas interior minister said they sought to stem bloodshed by rival Gaza gunmen. But with the security forces' loyalties often divided between Hamas and Abbas's long-dominant Fatah faction, further violence remained possible.

``Police forces have already begun deployment and in the coming hours national security forces will follow. We expect the deployment to be completed by morning,'' the Palestinian security official told Reuters.

Hours earlier, Interior Minister Saeed Seyam declared a Hamas-led, 3,000-member police force operational. About 30 of its men, armed and wearing military fatigues with Islamist insignia, patrolled central Gaza and the strip's main highway.

And as for Israel, did you know that there were more than 30 deaths caused yesterday by a new type of missile/rocket fired from Gaza?

Okay, they were [only] chickens but did you hear about it?

In the meantime, their new development is a missile with a 24 kilomtere range. That means Ashdod, Kiryat Gat, etc.

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