Friday, March 03, 2006

Weird News from the Old Country

This is being reported:-

(Woodmere, Nassau County -WABC, March 2, 2006) - It was a terrifying ordeal for an elderly man who was robbed and then stuffed into his car trunk. He managed to escape but the search is on for two suspects.

It happened early Thursday morning outside his Woodmere temple on Hungray Harbor Road.

The 75-year-old man retraced his steps today with investigators in Woodmere. We protect his identity because police haven't released his name and he's told people he's traumatized by what happened to him at gunpoint this morning. Although, he is alive to talk about it.

Lt. Kevin Smith, Nassau County Police Dept.: "I think he kept it together pretty well under the circumstances. Two armed men threatening bodily harm as well as death."

Police say he was opening up his temple, Young Israel of North Woodmere, which he routinely does as a volunteer. It was just before 6:00 this morning at an entrance to the temple when police say two men with hoods covering their faces approached the elderly man, demanding his wallet.

Then police say they forced the man into his own car. At first, just in the back seat as they drove around.

Lt. Kevin Smith, Nassau County Police Dept.: "Sometime during this drive, they decide to get him out of the car, and place him in the trunk of his car."

He was locked in the trunk for well over an hour as they entered and exited the car. Police say he was able to to free himself, on 147th Street and Hook Creek Boulevard.


eli said...

hi yisrael

look up this link and you will see yourself in dawkins film.

YMedad said...

And what did you think? That I was the most reasonable, calm and rational extremist of the bunch?