Friday, March 03, 2006

An Idea for an Oscar Event Protest

The Oscar Awards draw a lot of attention.

This year, one of the candidates for a statue is "Paradise Now".

The film's nomination has drawn angry and, to my mind, justified criticism of Hollywood. There's an anti-petition and also an anti-anti-petition, although why the pro-petition shows up first in my Gogle search I'll never know.

The director, it now seems, wouldn't mind exploding himself (see below)

So, here's an idea:

why doesn't some Jewish or other group announce a "bomb-in" demo at the ceremony?

They might even costume themselves up in dynamite belts and try to walk across that famous red carpet entrance.

I mean if those belts are allowed on-screen, why not then on carpets?

It's red anyway so even if someone uses real dynamite, it won't damage the color of the walkway.

If I recall, to "bomb" (meaning to fail miserably) is a Hollywood slang expression.

So, are there any adventurous Jews in Hollywood, Los Angeles or wherever?


This is "below":

[excerpts from an interview with the film's director]

Hany Abu-Assad's film "Paradise Now" left few Israelis indifferent. The movie, which depicts the story of two young Palestinians in Nablus who were chosen by a local terror group to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel, and which trails their preparations ahead of the attack, infuriated many in the country, most notably publicist Irit Linor, who in an opinion column in Ynet called "Paradise Now" "a quality Nazi film."

Abu-Assad explains. Suicide bombings are a reaction to your terror, he says, and suggests the most accurate term to describe a suicide bombing would be "a counter-terrorist act."

The occupiers and the occupation are the real terrorists. The real terror is stealing the Palestinians' right to live free on their land, Abu-Assad claims.

Abu-Assad stresses he is a pacifist who believes any killing is wrong, and that he advocates a non-violent struggle as the right method for obtaining one's goals. However, he states, while he currently has the privilege to make such a stand, in a different situation his moral position may have been different.

In other words, had you been living in the territories, you would have become a shahid (martyr)?

Abu-Assad hesitates for a second before replying, "yes."
He recounts an episode in which he was humiliated by a soldier at the Kalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem, and says this was what made him realize what runs through the heads of people who later become suicide bombers.

You feel like such a coward it kills you, he describes, saying this cowardice makes people start hating life and feel impotent.

I realized, Abu-Assad explains, that when a man systematically goes through such humiliation, he chooses to kill his own impotency by carrying out an act of "let me die with the philistines."

P.S. Now, do you really believe this guy ain't sick?


Risa Tzohar said...

Be very careful when writing things like this. You could be arrested for incitement. I am warning you so that I don't get arrested for not preventing the crime.

YMedad said...

This was a demo idea but look what happens when you set off firecrackers in a Church in Nazereth. See