Monday, March 13, 2006

Like Children, Like Father?

Steve Plaut sent me this:

In case you missed this, the Jerusalem Post recently ran several pieces, mainly in a column by Sarah Honig, about Ehud Olmert's two sons and one daughter.

One son never served in the Israeli army and today lives permanently in Paris. The other is an active member in Yesh Gvul, the seditious organization that foments mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers, demanding that they refuse to serve until Israel completely capitulates to all Arab fascist demands.

The daughter of Olmert is an activist in the communist-front organization Machsom Watch (Checkpoint Watch), which harasses Israeli soldiers and policemen checking Palestinian vehicles for explosives and weapons. In other words, she is trying to help Palestinians infiltrate Israel and murder Jewish children.

This is the guy who will be Israel's next Prime Minister. The above is his own personal family track record in education and Zionism. A man who himself believes in nothing has raised a brood who believe in Israel's destruction.

He will shortly be in charge of educating Israeli children.

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