Sunday, March 26, 2006

Unfortunate Zealousness

It's one trying to work on behalf of your political party.

It's another to work against your rival party.

This Israeli died as a result of being unable to distinguish between the two.

Read on:

Activist electrocuted to death trying to remove banner

A Labor party activist was electrocuted to death Saturday morning while trying to remove an election banner from an electric pole near a bridge on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Route 1 highway.

Liad Golan, 27, a resident of a kibbutz in the north of the country, reportedly fell while trying to take off a sign of a rival party.

The Labor party announced it was puting its election campaign on hold until Sunday out of respect for the family of the deceased.

"We bemoan the death of the party activist killed while working for the party. Labor embraces the activist's family at this hour," A Labor spokesperson said.

Was he really working for the party or against it or against another party?

And then there's this in the report:-

Meanwhile, Meretz also announced it would cease its campaigning until Sunday out of respect for the family of the deceased man.

Huh? So whose banner was being taken down? That of Meretz? Or that of Likud and Meretz was being all-around sympathetic: for the death of a human being and the death of someone who was helping them out, too?


P.S. Arutz 7 claims he was electrocuted.

Finger of Blame Pointed at Israel Electric

Israel Electric Company officials will be questioned by police regarding the electrocution death of Labor Party activist Liad Golan. According to police, the electric pole that Golan climbed to remove a poster from a rival party was not protected in accordance to law, indicating Israel Electric may be negligent and thereby a contributory factor to the former IDF officer’s death.

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