Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tough Luck

I stumbled over this Little Green Footballs piece three days late to be directed to this JPost story:

Palestinians throughout the West Bank expressed sorrow Saturday over the killing of American Tom Fox, 54, who had traveled to the West Bank to protest for their cause before he was taken hostage in Iraq.

Fox's body was found shot in the head and chest Thursday near a Baghdad railway station. He had worked with Christian Peacemaker Teams in the Palestinian areas before he began work with the group in Iraq.

Fox, from Clear Brook, Virginia, had demonstrated in the West Bank town of Jayyus against the construction of the security fence and he helped Palestinians pick olives, local Palestinians said.

"Tom used to sit in front of the (Israeli) bulldozers to block them," said Jayyus' mayor, Shawka Shamha. "Hearing news that he was killed makes me very sad."

In other words, while he wasn't crushed to death by Israeli bulldozers, his Muslim friends didn't realize what a treasure they had in their hands and tortured him before shooting him in the head.

Peace activism can be a 'tough luck' business these days.

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