Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's the Little Things That'll Get Ya

While everyone is noting the report of the State Comptroller bashing Bassie and the Disengagement Authority, I found this item to be a wondrous comment on bureaucratic idiocy:

...[they] learned that not only did the caravilla builders in Nitzan "forget" to install Sabbath clocks - which religiously-observant families rely to turn on and off lights and heaters on the Sabbath - but there is not even a place on the existing electric panel to install one.

The people of Elkanah [a community in Samaria] therefore took this mission upon themselves. Electricians from the town volunteered their time to install the new panels and clocks, while the children of Elkanah continue to collect money to buy the materials. So far, some 30 caravillas have been fitted with the clocks; 270 remain. Each clock and panel costs 600 shekels.

P.S. The Report in Hebrew is here.

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