Sunday, November 26, 2017

Haaretz Interprets the 1947 Partition Plan

"From the perspective of the Jews, the advantage of Mohn’s map was clear: It gave the future Jewish state 62 percent of the territory of the land, even though demographically the Arab population was double that of the Jews"

Always turning a Zionist disadvantage into an advantage!

In 1922, Transjordan removed, actually postponed or application withheld as per Article 25, from the terms of the Mandate.

In 1937, a first partition suggested with other versions over the next year.

In 1939, a British White Paper reneges on the original intent of the Mandate, to reconstitute a Jewish homeland in, at least, all of Western Palestine.

And as for that Arab demographic item above, many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Arabs were no less 'recent immigrants' to Palestine than the Jews.  And most of them illegal as well.

Haaretz: in dredt.


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