Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Background to 1921 Churchill Partition

Winston Churchill created Transjordan out of the territory that was to be included in the Mandate for Palestine. I blogged about that herehere, and here and also here.

What needs to be added is Churchill's frame of mind at that time and shortly thereafter.

And here on page 65 that is described so:

Churchill almost lost for us the Mandate.

And was nasty:

But there was this:


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Anonymous said...

The original Mandatory power for Palestine was supposed to be the US which, most people forget, never declared war against the Ottoman Empire. It was Britain and France's attempt to pull the US into a new-colonial situation that would benefit them at little or no cost. The US, of course, refused even though the Mandate concept itself was a direct political consequence of President Wilson's 14 points and his stand against European colonial expansion.
Churchill's private correspondence makes a financial case against Britain's taking over the Mandates, and given his country's dire situation was an understandable view of what was in his country's best interest. However, concerns about the lifeline to India combined with traditional distrust of France, and mindful of other big power/status related concerns, led to rejection of Churchill's views.
None of this should be surprising as no country operates as a charity for others. It's own interests are always paramount. The Jews were able to take advantage of a very small window of opportunity to re-establish themselves in their ancestral homeland. They did so, primarily, through their own industry and tenacity. Nothing was given them and the odds they overcame were staggering. In any case, as to Churchill, it's not so much what he said privately but what he did publicly that is important.