Thursday, October 12, 2017

Danino's Dithyramb

Barry Danino wrote in Haaretz a week ago about a museum. Maybe his first contribution.

The Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalem.

He discovered that the
website of the museum’s founder, Laurent Levy, sheds light on his worldview. He notes that...“The return of Jews of the Diaspora to the land and to the Torah are two phenomena that we will witness in Israel in the coming years; that is, we will study Torah more intensively and thus reveal more of the Divine aspect of the world for the benefit of Jerusalem, Israel, the world and everyone on earth. That’s how the Third Temple will be rebuilt.”
The mention of the Temple seemed to have unnerved him.  The title of the column is 'The Third Temple will be rebuilt'.

A Twitter promotion reads:
The main exhibit at the Hebrew Music Museum? A model of the Temple in Jerusalem, of course! 
As if the Temple was not filled with music. It was. It was.

He then concluded that the museum 
is another stage in the preparations for rebuilding the Temple, since, as its founder notes, “In the Temple it was forbidden to offer sacrifices, to confess sins or to come close to God without the music.”

The museum’s founders are ignoring the words of the prophet Isaiah, “For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples,” (Isaiah 56:7), which requires respectful cooperation with representatives of all religions, including Islam – and certainly doesn’t call to exclude them.The founders missed the opportunity to achieve their declared goal to “unite, gladden and awaken each person’s inner good” through music. The museum is another indication of the trend we are witnessing in educational and cultural institutions...conveying messianic-religious messages in the guise of educational content.
I am not sure how Danino understands an "exclusion" element or how the museum founders have "failed".

I am definitely amused by his attempt to turn around a music museum into a one-horse "messianic-religious message".

Pity the man.


"Dithyramb" is any wildly enthusiastic speech or writing.

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