Thursday, October 19, 2017

Adopting Fashion Terminology Adeptly

I caught this wording in a celeb section of a publication:

"The...actress looked edgy as she stepped out in an all-black ensemble...[she] wore a intricate dress that featured a cape top with a fringe bottom."

For those familiar with Hebrew, the word for 'extreme' is kitzoni (קיצוני) and it originates with the word for edge, k'tzeh (קצה).

My positions are described by ideological opposites as "extreme".  But in Israel, only someone on the right, or more properly, of the nationalist camp, is extreme.  Left-wingers or progressives or such are never described in the media as "extreme".

Of course, looking at her dress, since many of the more rambunctious youth are adorned with rather longish tzitziyot, ritual fringes, perhaps "fringe group" can also take on a new meaning.

So, in any case, from now on, just call me edgy?


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