Sunday, July 09, 2017

Walking the Land and Calling It 'The West Bank'

Some six weeks ago, sorry for the belated posting, America's Jerusalem Consulate announced that the U.S. Consul General had "launched a hiking journey across entire West Bank" as he had followed the 321 kilometer Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil trail.  

Here he is:

The Consulate release informed us that the hike

kicked off on May 14 in Rummana village northwest of Jenin, famous for its hilly landscape and olive trees dating back to Roman times.  It ended in Burquin village at a community center renovated recently with support of USAID.   This first segment covered 18 kilometers and will be followed by 21 sequential hikes the Consul General will walk to complete the Abraham path in the coming year.

Consul General Donald Blome was joined by local officials and members of the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalili organization (it's full name includes this: "Abraham's Path" which indicates the Islamic appropriation of Judaism and Jewish history) as he explained his reasons for launching the journey: “This journey is all about exploring the connection of the people with the land – deep roots formed through nature, culture, art, and agriculture.”

Dear CG Blome,

there is another people, a collective ethnic community, with a connection with the land – deep roots formed through nature, culture, art, and agriculture.

They are called ... Jews.

We wish you physical success in walking the Land of Israel (I don't think anyone refers to it as the Land of Ishmael) and much enjoyment as you pass through the landscape of the historic homeland of the Jewish People.

And, please, feel free to drop when you pass by Shiloh. You come close, I see:

We have archaeological excavations at Tel Shiloh, olive orchards, vineyards, industry, recreational grounds and good people.   The Consulate has my contact details.



Elder of Ziyon has commented, too.


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Ruth Jaffe Lieberman said...

Is the Consul General still walking? Would love to know. We can set up a whole welcoming committee on his exact route, so he can visit with all the natives and make it a true, honest walk through. #gushetzion :)