Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Visit to an Empty Temple Mount Compound

I ascended today, at 1:30 PM with a group of about 34 other persons.

Haredi. Chardal. Mizrachi. Secular. Family from America. Olim.

First, we waited at the entrance and, surprisingly, we were escorted in first, before the tourists.  There was some concern as the Temple Mount had been closed in the morning due to a violation of the restrictions on any external Jewish expression of prayer or respect 

After security, identification check and a short lecture on proper behavior, off we went.

and briefly stopped to observe the remains of Roman architecture:

The compound was literally empty except for us, the police and some Muslim tourists from an Asian country:

A short clip

We stopped to observe and listen to a topographical explanation (in the white hat is a Channel Two TV reporter; his crew & camera were not allowed in)

sat down a bit

I spied two pigeons seeking shade at the Golden Gate:

It was really empty:

Our group

Looking south

We were there for some 40 minutes or so.

The police were courteous but firm and there was tension.

But we visited the Temple Mount.



That's me:


1 comment:

NormanF said...

The police remind me of the minders you have in totalitarian states.

All to keep you in line and make sure you don't do what's forbidden.

Israel isn't a free country in pandering to the anti-Semitic delirium of the Waqf.

Since they're gone, why does the Israeli government feel compelled to enforce its anti-Jewish rules for them?

Its a reminder the apartheid status quo is far from gone.