Sunday, July 02, 2017


In a story on the use of a legal edict of the Military Government in Judea and Samaria, a special order issued in July 1967, “Order Concerning Government Property”, which deals with land expropriation, Clause 5 of the order we learn, states that “Any transaction concluded in good faith between the authorities and another person with regard to an asset the authorized person considered at the time to be government property will not be struck down and is valid, even if it is proven that the asset was not government property at the time of its purchase.”

Dror Etkes of Kerem Navot, funded mainly from Europe, has been quoted in Haaretz saying,

“The purpose of this legal construction, rotten from the foundation, is to raise the claim of ‘good faith’ wherever Israel has stolen private Palestinian land and given it to settlers,” he added. “This is a situation in which lies, denial, violence and manipulation prevail – that is, everything except good faith.”

If anyone is 'rotten', it is Mr. Etkes.

I have debated him numerous times and almost always he uses his material to misrepresent and mislead his audiences by avoiding or misstating the historical and political contexts of the narrative he spins.


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