Thursday, July 20, 2017

At Which Holy Site Was That Violence?

Violence at a holy site that once was a Jewish Temple and now a Mosque.


Violence at a holy site that is a church, recalling a previous attack at a church*, that once was a church, then became, after the Muslim conquest, a mosque and now for several centuries is a cathedral.

VALLADOLID, Spain  - A Muslim man stormed the San Pablo Church in Valladolid, Spain Saturday evening [video here] and disrupted a wedding while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" The 22-year-old unnamed Moroccan charged the altar and tore off the altar cloth as the groomsmen tried to grab him.

Witnesses said the man tried to assault the priest. "A lot of people, including the bride's mother, were crying," according to the priest who was officiating the wedding, "and there were people who had already jumped out of the pews because we did not know whether this person came alone or not or if he was armed."

And they get upset if Jews request the right of access and freedom of worship at the Temple Mount.



A confrontation between Muslim tourists and guards employed by the Roman Catholic bishop at the world-famous Cordoba mosque saw two people arrested and two guards injured last night.  Trouble broke out when the visitors knelt to pray in the building, a former mosque turned into a Christian cathedral in the 13th century, where a local bishop, Demetrio Fern├índez, recently insisted that a ban on Muslim prayers must remain.Half a dozen members of a group of more than 100 Muslims from Austria had started praying among the marble columns and coloured arches of the vast building when security guards ordered them to stop.
"They provoked in a pre-planned fashion what was a deplorable episode of violence," the bishop's office said in a statement.
Cathedral authorities said the guards had invited the visitors to continue viewing the inside of a 24,000 sq metre building that was once the world's second biggest mosque, but without praying.
"They replied by attacking the security guards, two of whom suffered serious injuries," the bishop's office said.


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