Friday, September 19, 2014

Ritualistic Propaganda

An hour after midnight, between Thrusday evening and Friday morning, this headline appeared at the "International Middle East Media Center"-

Israeli Forces Photograph Palestinian Homes While Settlers Perform Rituals near Hebron

For those following my blog, that phrase of "performing rituals" has appeared many times in reports on Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount (see here and also here, for example).  In this story, the phrase appears in full so:

Meanwhile, dozens of Israeli settlers, under the protection of soldiers, raided Al- Karmel and performed Talmudic rituals at some local archaeological sites.

In truth, I find that phrase evil, implicating we Jews in some form of devil devotion as if we mechanically perform but never engage in a spiritual activity.

Other religious people, Muslims primarily, worship, express devotion, supplicate, etc.

Jews?  We "perform rituals", Biblical or Talmudic. 

We're not really connected to these sites or to these devotions.  We just 'perform'.  We're actors and it is just a script.

That wouldn't be an attempt to sublimate anti-Semitism/Judaeophobia, would it?


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