Friday, September 12, 2014

Hamas Lying? Surprise, Surprise

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Two weeks after the end of the Gaza war, there is growing evidence that Hamas militants used residential areas as cover for launching rockets at Israel, at least at times. Even Hamas now admits "mistakes" were made.

But Hamas says it had little choice in Gaza's crowded urban landscape, took safeguards to keep people away from the fighting, and that a heavy-handed Israeli response is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian civilians.

"Gaza, from Beit Hanoun in the north to Rafah in the south, is one uninterrupted urban chain that Israel has turned into a war zone," said Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official in Gaza.

Take a look:-

So, is Hamas lying?



Anonymous said...

From DR

On July 9, an AP reporter said that rockets were launched from right outside AP offices in Gaza.

Still, the AP report from today says "During 50 days of fighting, many observers witnessed rocket launches from what appeared to be urban areas."

Sammy Finkelman said...

It depends on the definition of the word "urban area"

Maybe they were wrong, and what people thought was an urban area, wasn't. People make a common mistake with the word recession.

Of course this is nonsense - there was no reason for the qualifier. If they needed a qualifier, it would have made more sense to say "what appeared to be rocket launches."

On second thought, maybe the way the AP did it was better.