Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jewish Settlements Not Exaggerated

From the Journal of Jewish Studies:

Were there 204 settlements in Galilee at the time of Josephus Flavius?

by Chaim Ben David,

2011, Volume: 62, Issue: 1, 21-36 pp.

Abstract: Josephus Flavius notes that there are 204 cities and villages in Galilee. Is the number of settlements in Galilee that Josephus cites reliable, or does it belong to the series of figures that most scholars believe is exaggerated? To examine this issue, the article will first define the boundaries of Galilee at the time of Josephus and deal with the secondary question of whether this also included Gaulanitis. Then three different methods will be used to determine the veracity of this statement, counting (1) the number of settlements from the Ottoman period, (2) the number of settlements in the Late Roman period according to rabbinic literature, and (3) the number of settlements at the time of Josephus according to archaeological surveys. The evidence suggests that Josephus’ number of 204 settlements is probably not far from the actual number of settlements that existed in Galilee and Gaulanitis prior to the first Jewish revolt.

Was there a Peace Now Settlement Watch Team then, too?

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