Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Muslim War Criminals

I was sent an inquiry regarding whether the Mufti or any other Muslim was indicted for war crimes.


I once read an article online from The National Review in 2003, "France & War Criminals" which states:

The Mufti also recruited Bosnian Muslims for an all-Muslim unit of the SS called the "Handschar" division, which committed so many atrocities that 38 of its officers were later tried as war criminals. In July 1945, Husseini himself was indicted for war crimes by the Yugoslavian government.

I sent him to here, and to an article "Muftism and Nazism" by Icelandic historian Snorri G. Bergsson here which has a great bibliography.

Bottom line is the Allies were afraid of the reaction in the Arab world if the Mufti were to be tried. British documents also reflect some confusion about exactly how to charge him, since he was neither an enemy combatant nor a citizen of an enemy nation. As such, he avoided prosecution.

As for recruits to the Bosnia Waffen SS units, I have no information.

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