Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dirty Sex Conceived in Sin - Pal. Style [UPDATED]

The Pals. are now using perverse sexual connotations for an "under-the-belt" campaign against "penetration".

Sounds weird and filthy?

It is.

Here's the poster:

You can go here to learn about

the “One Day One Struggle” campaign organized by the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR), held on November 9, we are seeking to break the “walls” of silence on daily violations of our sexual and bodily rights in the Palestinian society. We are principally highlighting the Israeli structural and legal violations of sexual, bodily, psychological, social and economic rights of Palestinians that intersect with the patriarchal social context, which restrain individual freedoms, perpetuates women’s inferior status and imposes silence on physical, psychological and sexual violations committed against women.

Now, besides getting an XXX rating for original creativity of a lasciviousness concept, conceived in sin, the point (you'll excuse that pun) is that this is simple propaganda. The punishment and the instruction involved with touching Muslim women are very strictly dealt with.

Of course you have warped university professor in Israel who just fit in with this paradigm of pervesity and I am referring to this:

It began as just another exercise in political academic wackiness at the Hebrew University. A graduate student claimed that the absence of any history of rapes of Arab women by Israeli Jewish soldiers proves that the Jews are racists and oppressors, people who do not even regard Arab women as sexually desirable. Such silliness is commonplace these days in academia, and ordinarily no one would have taken much notice. But the student at the Mount Scopus campus and her “research” were then awarded a university honor for her impressive “discoveries.” That drew media attention.

So, the attempt to gain sympathy based on sex is odd. It is also a gamble.

After all, with all the honorcide murders, family abuse and beatings, etc. going on the Muslim society, to pick a topic like this is allowing Israel an easy information battle victory.

Just dumb.

You can contact Media Coordinators at
Mada Al-Carmel – Mr. Nawaf Athamneh – 052-665-3226 or 04-855-2035
Muntada – Sexuality Forum – Ms. Safa Tamish – 054-330-2209
if you need more filth.
Or go

(Kippah tip: AK)



Outrage over 'rape' poster that demonises Israel

The New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference sponsored by three Palestinian groups it funds, which allegedly “demonised” Israel.

The poster publicising the conference, held in Haifa on Monday, shows the hand of an IDF soldier grasping the breast of a woman wearing a traditional Palestinian dress.

The poster reads: “Her husband needs a permit to touch her. The occupation penetrates her life everyday.”

The groups behind the event received NIF funding last year. Mada Al-Carmel was given $100,000 (£59,000), the Arab Forum for Sexuality was given $23,000 (£14,000) and Women Against Violence was given $217,000 (£129,000).

...Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor, said: “NIF presents itself as a Zionist organisation and claims to have red lines regarding funding. Yet NIF officials sometimes ignore these boundaries, and grant funds to groups that blatantly are involved in the demonisation of Israel as a democratic Jewish state.”

NIF chairman Nicholas Saphir defended the conference, saying there is a “real humanitarian problem” in Israel, where it is illegal to grant citizenship to Palestinians married to Israeli citizens.

“NIF supports free expression of the various views of our broad spectrum of grantees — whether we agree with all their positions or not,” he said...

Conference organisers insisted that they were not claiming that IDF soldiers rape or sexually violate Palestinians.

Dr Himmat Zuabi...said: “We didn’t talk about actual rape and sexual harassment..The poster was just an artistic device to convey a message.”

So, "penetrate" was just a, what, a figure of speech?

Go figure out an Arab mindset.


The Jewish Chronicle
25 Furnival Street
United Kingdom

November 17, 2009

Dear Editor,

On November 12, 2009, an article by Robyn Rosen was published in your newspaper
entitled: “Outrage over the ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel." The article contained false information and inaccuracies. We request that you print a retraction. The false information is as follows:
1. Ms. Rosen stated, “the New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference
sponsored by three Palestinian groups it funds, which allegedly “demonized” Israel,” and that there was a poster publicising the conference. We would like to note that there was no conference, and that the NIF has not funded any activities of Mada al-Carmel for the past three years.
2. The three mentioned organizations – Mada Al-Carmel, the Arab Forum for Sexuality, and Women Against Violence – are part of an international coalition for bodily and reproductive rights, and Women for Women Health and Human Rights. The coalition conducts training courses, transnational research, and advocacy in over 20 countries. The campaign One Day One Struggle was part of the coalition’s activism. It was an international effort coordinated among over 20 NGO's around the world. However, each organization decided upon the topic, manner and strategies of implementing the campaign. Women Against Violence produced a poster (not the one published in your article), conducted various field actions, and screened a movie. Mada al-Carmel, published an article in a local newspaper, and sent a press release together with the Arab Forum for Sexuality. The Arab Forum for Sexuality alone produced and disseminated the poster depicted in the report.
We would like to clarify that Mada al-Carmel supports the right to free expression,
including the right of NGO's and other civil society organizations to produce posters
and other artistic devices on this and other topics.
We would appreciate it if you make the required retraction to your published article.
Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Ph.D.
Director, Gender Studies Program
Mada Al-Carmel, Arab Center for Applied Social Research
Cc: Aida Touma-Sliman, Women Against Violence; Safa Tamish, The Arab Forum for Sexuality, New Israel Fund


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for those of use over age 55, can the terror apologists give us some useful advice in maintaining sufficient stiffness to penetrate them?

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So, now we know why the Pallies demand Israeli withdrawal.

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