Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Voice of Non-Violent Protest

Don't let Haaretz fool you.

There is a strong non-violent majority that will protest the injustice of stealing away property from Jews in Hebron.

For exmple, Rabbi Yuval Sharlo:

Hatred won’t lead to victory

I’m not at all certain that we can win with love. I also don’t have any kind words for law authorities objecting to the legal purchase of the House of Peace in Hebron. We need to wholly change their approach. The hypocrisy inherent in the attempt to legitimize illegal construction in the south while at the same time preventing Jewish settlement is outrageous.

However, those who wish to contend for the leadership of the state must not do so via Knesset members calling for a belligerent struggle against authorities or via calls for insubordination or “war to the end.” The path we need is wholly different: When they destroy, we shall build at a site where we are allowed to do so legally. They will badmouth us and we shall overcome; they will try to push us down yet we shall get up and draw encouragement, seeking to connect them to Hebron as well.

Our victory holds supreme importance. Hebron is the cradle of our nation; it is the basis of the people of Israel’s connection to its country. Hebron’s settlers are public servants who constantly face a pressure cooker and do so courageously.

...those who resort to violence and hate commit grave violations, and this is neither legal nor moral or fair...we will again make the mistake of engaging in a fight on the backs of soldiers and police officers, while this struggle needs to be managed somewhere else will turn out, and correctly so, that we only focus on one issue while failing to address the broad issues faced by the State of Israel today. We shall lose like we lost in Amona – the homes of Amona were razed, while both we and the police emerged from this clash beaten and bruised. As opposed to our rhetoric, which claims that there were no more evacuations after Amona, reality is that many outpost have been removed since Amona...we are shooting ourselves in the foot. We disillusion our sons and daughters into thinking that force wins, yet then we find ourselves trying to shirk responsibility for the violence that follows and that is yet to follow – however, it will hit us with full force, and we shall be able to do nothing but apologize for the "rotten apples" in our midst... with our willingness to break all the rules, we are convincing the world, without wishing to do so, that we are not fit for contending for the leadership of the people of Israel – indeed, those who shatter the frameworks society is managed through should not be complaining when nobody counts them.

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