Saturday, November 22, 2008

Then Don't You Do

The PA's Abbas has spoken:-

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday urged Barack Obama to get involved in Mideast peacemaking efforts immediately after becoming the U.S. president in January.

Abbas, who spoke at an economic conference in the West Bank town of Nablus, also asked Obama to endorse a pan-Arab peace initiative that offers full peace with Israel in return for its withdrawal from the West Bank, Gaza and parts of Jerusalem..."We ask Obama to become immediately involved in the peace process, and to adopt the Arab initiative," Abbas said.

...Abbas said Saturday that Israel's actions, such as continued construction of settlements and the West Bank separation barrier, contradict Israel's declared willingness to make peace.

"These acts truly make one wonder whether they (the Israelis) mean peace or not," he said. "Those who want peace don't do this. They don't build a wall or a settlement in our throats ... We are ready to stretch out our hands in peace, but all of these acts leave hatred in one's soul."

Mr. Abbas, then why don't you stop terror now? And why didn't you stop Arafat for over a decade of organizing, initiating, directing and funding terror? Every night the IDF arrests people who are involved in terror. Why don't you fix your media and its incitement? Your education system and its incitement?

No Jew can live in what you presume to be a "Palestine"? Then how come Arabs can live in Israel and even build "settlements" there?

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