Sunday, November 23, 2008

Suzanne (Mubarak) Says

Egypt: No Sexual Harassment Here, says the First Lady

Two-thirds of Egyptian men harass women showed a survey reported by Reuters. Global Voices Online wrote about this topic the aftermath of the recent events here and most recently here. But Egypt's first lady Suzanne Mubarak thinks otherwise.

Suzanne, by the way, must know. Here's her background:

[Her mother was] a Welsh nurse Lily May Palmer her grandmother is a relative of Jehan Sadat...She studied at St. Claire Heliopolis in Cairo during high school and moved on to study at the American University in Cairo. She received a Bachelor's degree in Political Science (class of 1977) and a Master's degree in Sociology of Education (1982). For her Master's degree, her topic of study was "Social Action Research in Urban Egypt: A Case of Primary School Upgrading in Boulak."

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