Saturday, November 04, 2017

Balfour Day 1921

On Balfour Day 1921, Arabs in Jerusalem rioted.

They threw stones at Jewish shops in the Old City after exiting the Temple Mount.

And they killed Jews. The report in Davar from a summary made on July 17, 1936:

Avraham Messner had served as a defense volunteer the previous evening and the next day was accompanying a woman and her daughter in Batrak Street (today's David Street) in the Old City when he was stabbed in the heart and liver. He was 25.

David Yeshayhu Cohen Deri was 45 and a shoe repairer. Arabs broke into his house near the Western Wall and killed him.

Yissacher Dov Zlatovitsky was 40 and was studying at the Torat Hayyim Yeshiva in the Muslim Quarter. He was wounded when Arabs threw a bomb into the courtyard and then was dragged outside where he was stabbed to death.  

Aaron Aryeh Freind, 18, was seriously wounded while walking outside the Amdursky Hotel, located, today's Petra Hotel. He died in the lobby.

Zalman Baruch Rubin, at 60 the oldest victim, was hit over the head and then stabbed three times in the chest. He died a week later from his wounds.

Balfour Day: Arabs killing Jews for a century.


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