Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Allow Them A State

I caught a letter from a Richmond, Virginia - "Palestinians and Jews deserve a homeland" - which reads, in part:

Editor, Times-Dispatch:   In his letter, “It’s time to pass anti-BDS legistlation,” Rabbi Dovid Asher makes a case for Virginia to enact legislation outlawing BDS: boycott, divestment, or sanctions against products made in Israel...
The U.S. government and its citizens have remained staunch supporters of Israel’s right to exist ever since its formation in 1947. However, ongoing economic support of Netanyahu’s government has been called into question as it continues to defy calls by the international community to cease illegal West Bank settlements, endangering hopes for a Palestinian homeland...I support Israel’s right to exist; that does not make me anti-Islamic. Likewise, supporting a homeland for the Palestinians does not make me anti-Semitic; neither does objecting to a renegade Israeli government that defies U.N. mandates by continuing to promote Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
The Palestinian is as much my brother as the Jew. Only if each is allowed a secure and acceptable homeland will there be any chance of peace in the Middle East. If governments, including our own, fail to act in this regard, we as citizens have every right, affirmed as free speech by the Supreme Court, to make our displeasure known by peacefully boycotting Israeli products. The best way for the rabbi to fight anti-Semitism is to work for a Palestinian homeland.

I left this comment:

To David Elliot's letter:
He writes of "allowed a secure and acceptable homeland"
The Arabs of Palestine who viewed themselves actually as Southern Syrians rejected a "homeland" in the 1920s preferring a demand to be reunited with Syria.In 1922, two-thirds of historic Palestine became an Arab state, Jordan.In 1937, a Partition of Western Palestine was proposed which was rejected by the Arabs residing in the territory.In 1947, again they rejected a state.In 1967, Israel as willing to surrender up all territories except for Jerusalem. They rejected that, too.In 1977, an autonomy plan was proposed by Israel. It was rejected.in 2000-01, 97% yielding of territory proposed. Rejected.In 2008, Olmert "gives Abbas 98%". Rejected.In 2009, Netanyahu suspends all construction. Arabs refuse to negotiate.
Maybe something is wrong with those Arabs? And with Elliot?


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