Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jordanian Waqf in Jerusalem - Its Report

Jordan administers the Temple Mount.

Here's the heading of its official stationary

from the first page 

of its new report on the

destruction and tampering with Al-Aqsa Mosque

Some of the highlights (thanks to Google Translate)

Israeli violations during the period of the closure of Al Aqsa Mosque/Haram al-Sharif by an unjust Israeli government decision on Friday, July 14, 2017 and was followed by a series of arbitrary security and provocative measures that led to the prevention of the guards and employees of the Jerusalem Waqf from entering Al Aqsa Mosque/Temple Mount for 14 days during which the police and occupation authorities vandalized in most of the chapels and facilities of Al Aqsa Mosque.

Preliminary results:...the destruction of most of the locks and closets closed in Al-Aqsa Mosque and tampering with the contents, and open computers, To access their systems and make use of the information in them. Although all the committees that have been charged have confirmed that all the assets have not lost anything, whether they are manuscripts or holdings, records or files, where no record of any of them despite the scattered and tampering with them...

¨The occupation authorities and their military and technical devices planted iron screws in multiple parts in the walls of the Dome of the Rock, and these iron screws are believed to be monitoring devices and photography.

Explorations were carried out in various parts of the Dome of the Rock, including removing a tile from inside the cave, then attempting to return it, taking a sample of the rock in two places, and spraying a white material on certain parts of the rock, indicating that the closure was not as security as planned...Tampered with carpets and the opening of electricity fountains and tampering with them.(B) The tribal chapel:The occupation authorities installed screws on the wooden writing boards in the 40th place. A fragment of a marble piece was also seen above the door and in the lower corner of the painting...The carpets were removed, the door was broken and the stone cover of the channels was broken.All the minarets in Al-Aqsa Mosque and Omar Mosque were opened and tampering with them.

¨ The occupation authorities broke the locks of the wells in the old Al Aqsa and discovered that they had conducted excavations of the old stone in many areas of the well, and some of the stones of the walls were noted for cracking. This was repeated in the upper area located on the eastern side of Omar Mosque.  Various stones were removed and rebuilt in the southern façade...

¨ The occupation authorities broke down and opened all the electricity cabinets and tampering with several reconstruction committee and opened a stone slab of water channel covers on the surface of Marwani. ¨ In the cradle of Issa was removed part of the marble terrace of the Nativity as well as the effects of digging beside the Nativity.

¨ The occupation authorities carried out a hole in the upper part of the door on the eastern side of the wall.

The occupation authorities removed an ancient stone plaque on the roofs of the Dome of the Rock from the south, and tried to return and carried out many explorations in the bases of Albuayak, and confiscated some of the chemicals used in the laboratory manuscripts and school laboratories and the confiscation of electronic bags students.

¨ The occupation authorities messed in the ear [amplification? broadcasting?] room and the alarm and communications room, where he lost some electronic pieces, which are accurate and expensive and stolen a video camera and tampering with the computers of the audio room.

But the plan to affix surveillance cameras inside the compound, as initiated and suggested by King Abdallah and agreed upon by Israel and the United States, has not been implemented.

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Jordan = Looney liars
Jordanian TV: "The Rothschilds Rule the World" & "Jews Withhold Cure for Cancer and AIDS"