Saturday, November 25, 2017

Do You Suffer from DISS?


DISS is DIasporic Supremacist Syndrome.

It seems to have invaded the ideological, psychological, societal, cultural, religious and intellectual genes of a growing number of Jews, most of them Jewish establishment types and our normal rebellious children (see here).

If it does not cease or come under control, in a generation or two, those contaged will cease to exist as Jews. In the meantime, DISS sabotages and undermines the proper existence of the Jewish national home.

So, yes, if those suffering DISS insist on interfering in Israel's affairs, not because you are a citizen, or pay taxes or serve in its armed forces, but out of identification and commitment, know well that we have the same right to interject our views into your conversations.

UPDATE: An example of DISS Thnking -

There is plenty to fisk in Peter Beinart's Ha'aretz article criticizing Elie Wiesel for defending Netanyahu's upcoming speech to Congress...

"a nuclear Iran would likely mean “‘the annihilation and destruction’ of Israel.” This, too, requires evidence that Wiesel does not provide. After all, Benny Gantz, who just retired as Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, has argued that while an Iranian nuke would be dangerous, “The Iranian leadership is composed of very rational people.”

One of his predecessors in that job, Dan Halutz, has said that, “Iran poses a serious threat but not an existential one.” Earlier this month, former Mossad head Ephraim Halevy added that, “I think it is a terrible mistake to use the term ‘existential threat’ because I do not believe there is an existential threat to Israel.”

Beinart, on the other hand, hates the current elected Israeli government so much that he is willing to take the position that the murder of hundreds of thousands of Israelis is really not that big a deal just to criticize a human rights icon for daring to speak out forcefully in favor of Bibi's defending the lives of his people. 


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