Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fania Badash

In researching some material, I came across a name I was unfamiliar with.

Fania Badash.

Her picture:

According to what I found here, she was born in 1902 in Grodna, now Belaurus.  Her parents were Hillel and Zeledka Staneitzky. She had grade-school education.

In 1922, she immigrated to Eretz-Yisrael and worked in Karkur, near Hadera (today Karkur is part of Pardes-Chana). In 1925, she married Moshe Badash, son to one of the founding families.  A year later their daughter Chana was born.

On November 11, 1929, while on her way back from Hadera to Karkur in the wagon driven by Yeshayahu Levitt after grinding her wheat, the two were attacked by Arabs from the village of Cherkes [Khirbat al-Sarkas] formerly located south at what is now the junction of Highway 65 and Road 650 near Gan Shmuel.

Fania jumped from the wagon and attempted to escape.  Levitt, despite slashed on the arm with a sword, fled towards Hadera and called for assistance.

Fania was caught by five attackers who shot her and then stabbed her to death.

The news item, with a slight typo as the second line should properly be after the fourth, in the Palestine Bulletin of November 14, 1929:

According to Davar of November 13, the time of the attack was around 5:30 and the attackers were from a Bedouin encampment near the village. The paper noted that Fania had been "shechted".

The day before on November 10, Dr. Albert Avraham Ticho had been set upon and severely wounded by Arabs wielding knives in Jerusalem.


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