Saturday, November 25, 2017

Rubble Dribble

In this interview playwright Dan Fishback declares:

"I’ve been part of the Jewish cultural world all my adult life and I’ve seen how anti-Zionist Jewish voices are being blocked from different institutions." 

I have no way to judge the quantity nor the quality of being "part of the Jewish world". I cannot even define that adequately.  So I will give Fishback a pass on that. But another statement of his I can deal with:

I love the Jewish people, I care about the Jewish people, but I think Zionism hurts Jews. When I visited Israel I felt terrible sadness. I grew up believing that Jews are people who fought for justice and it made me very sad to see Jews oppressing other people.”

He is dribbling rubbish there.  

And it was followed by a question whether he would accept the idea of two states for two peoples, or does he oppose the idea of a Jewish state regardless of where its borders are located, he replies

“I’m for full human rights for all people, all Palestinians and all Israelis, and it doesn’t matter to me how many states there are. For me, all that matters is that human rights are guaranteed.”

The playwright was quite disappoint that his play, "Rubble, Rubble", had its reading cancelled and demanded that

Jewish communities need to protect dissident voices

While the play itself is not the subject pf this post, you should know that it "is a half-play/half-musical that charts a Jewish family's century-long arc from Left to Right, and explores the ever-widening rift in the Jewish world over, not just Israel, but the purpose of life itself.'

He is suffering from DISS.

It undermined and crippled Jewish national thought and action in generations past: by ultra-Orthodox, Bundists, assimilationists, disappointed human rights activists, embarrassed Jews, ASHamed Jews and a host of others.

His rubble is dribble.


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