Friday, November 24, 2017

An Extreme British Academic Failure

From this report on Cambridge’s implementation of the government’s Prevent legislation in which one of  one of the questions posed in the online training, which asked participants to identify extremist views from a list, which included: “Anti-immigration”, “Pro-life”, “Vocal support for the creation of a Palestinian state?”, and “Opposition to Israeli West Bank settlements”:

"Dr Yaqoob told Varsity that, while the University’s definition of extremism was “vague”, the training did not “directly state” that opposition to Israeli settlement in Gaza, for example, could be considered “extremist”."


There are no "settlements" there.

Israel removed them in 2005.

It didn't satisfy the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians who continue to shell Israeli civilians, dig terror tunnels and refuse to make peace.

In fact, Hamas which rules Gaza (and is trying to take over the rest of the area) doesn't acknowledge the right of Jews to live anywhere in the area.

I think that is quite extreme and to promote further Hamas rule is extreme.

And this is Cambridge?


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