Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Letter on Kristoff Not Published

I sent this letter to the NYTimes but they didn't publish it (as usual):-

In one of two recent articles on Israel, Nicholas Kristoff writes that American politicians need to remember "which Israel to support" ("The Two Israels, Mar. 1) after to talking with agitprop activist Asher Ascherman but in another ("The Human Stain", Feb. 26) admits that he "could have talked to settler children traumatized by Palestinian violence", but didn't.  That is an admission of unethical journalism.  His lack of professional standards also leads him to believe, and publish, claims of an Arab farmer from Sinjil, where I live, that "settlers" cut down "5,000 trees last year...with shears or uprooted them” with no further substantiation or reaction from the "guilty" or an official Israeli agency.

Those claims, as many others in his columns, are fabricated and are weapons of propaganda engagement employed by Arabs to enchant visiting media people. Their purpose is to undercut American support for Israel to which his hand and keyboard has been extended.  Facts would better serve all but there were little in his pieces.  I live there and I know but Mr. Kristoff had no time or inclination to get the full story.


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Thor said...

Ye are the land grabbers, come to terms with that.