Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Haaretz, the Journal of Peace



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goyisherebbe said...

Everybody is faking democracy. The only way to preserve democracy is to break the modern mega-state into a hierarchy of smaller states of not more than a couple of hundred, and they in turn to sub-units not more than a couple hundred in number, down to a neighborhood or yishuv of not more than a couple hundred family units. On each level the members will know each other and deliberate together. Larger numbers invite alienation and alienation invites corruption. Work should be the same way. Corporations need to be cooperatives on a hierarchical model with a limit on how high the highest executive salary can be in terms of multiplier of the wage of the ordinary worker. The one thing that Karl Marx got right that neither the socialist nor capitalist worlds dealt with was alienation of labor. Check out the Basque-Spanish Mondragon cooperatives, a faith-based system which is being copied in various places throughout the world.