Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do You Read Haaretz For Its Rational and Intellectual Discourse?

Do you read Haaretz for its rational and intellectual discourse?

Do you?


Exorcising Netanyahu out of office

The election pits Bibi vs. Netanyahu, Groucho Marx against the face looking out at him from the mirror, with defeat on the way for both candidates.

On March 17, it will be a mitzvah to vote against Netanyahu the Toxic

Nine years into his rule, Benjamin Netanyahu has poisoned his country. Israel is broken and battered and weak with fear. He's taken serious problems, and made them into a miserable nation.

The Israeli prime minister is about to win another term thanks to the rise of Islamic terror — and the paralysis of the center-left.

By Carlo Strenger


Netanyahu the coward is sometimes even more dangerous than the diligent fool. After all, his speech to Congress showed he has the ‘courage’ to endanger Israel-U.S. relations.

By Niva Lanir


This deep sea monster sometimes beaches itself in efforts against Washington, sometimes beats its tail in the Golan Heights. One thing is clear: Its democratic awareness has sunken to the bottom of the sea.

By Uri Misgav

My question was rhetorical, of course.


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