Tuesday, March 31, 2015


After noticing all the anti-Ntanyahu "fighting" at Haaretz, I picked up yesterday's paper and found this op-ed by a member of its editorial executive:

I went to the web site but couldn't locate the article.  I did find this:

The world is ignoring Netanyahu 
To ensure that the national, religious or private demon of a single person or couple will not send Israel to oblivion, a completely different leadership is necessary here.
By Amir Oren |Mar 30, 2015 

and a few more in this vein:

The rise and fall of our divided, miserable Israel 
Only Likud succeeded in containing the new patriotism by turning Mizrahim into part of the 'warrior tribe.'
By Yitzhak Laor  | Mar 31, 2015  |
Save Israel from its collective suicide, Obama 
It is our moral duty and civil right to encourage the president to act against Israel's racist and anti-democratic regime.
By Rogel Alpher  | Mar 31, 2015
Channel 20: An illegal outpost on our television screens
By displaying an Israeli flag every second of every day, the cable station – which is supposed to broadcast Jewish content, not right-wing propaganda – looks more like the state-run channel in some dictatorial Arab regime.
By Rogel Alpher  | Mar 30, 2015  

But to return to Oren's piece.  Here's the last section:

This is so typical of the discourse of those who claim to be cultured, liberal and progressive but only reveals their vicious and angry fulminations that are expressions not of rationality but of hatred.


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