Sunday, March 22, 2015

Did I Insult Derfner?

Ron Kampeas posted on Facebook on March 19 at 6:43pm this:

If Bibi's message was to Arab Likud voters, why didn't he make it in Arabic, and why didn't he say "leftist" voters sted "Arab" voters?

Comments followed. Like:

Perry Schafler
The point was not to Arab voters but about foreign interference using Arab voters. He would have better said some other way but it was racist blatant interference to target foreign assistance to arab voters in the first instance. Why not development town voters or elderly incapacitated voters or haredi voters or a mix? Bibi did not mince words.

so I jumped in:

Yisrael Medad
If he would have said "the kibbutznikim are being bused to the polls", would that be okay?
If Herzog had said "too many 'settlers' are voting"?  If Gal-on had said "too many mezuzah-kissers"? But more. The fact is that there was/is an Arab list. Their candidates were 90+% Arab. Their main language in their electioneering was Arabic. A major portion of them was anti-Zionist and they didn't even sign an agreement with the far-left Meretz because they were Zionist. A large Arab vote, like a large Russian vote, or Haredi vote or Sfardi vote hurts Likud. His was a legitimate political call. And what did he expect Netanyahu to call them?  Palestinans?

And it went on:

Ron Kampeas
So if he said "the sfardim are being bused to the polls", no outrage? or "The haredim?" And Herzog and Gal-on would not have been subjected to outrage for using those terms? Are you arguing that those terms should enter the political lexicon? The distinction is characterizing an ethnic rather than political entity. If he had said "leftists" or even "voters for the Joint List" there would have been a couple of accusations of dog-whistling, but no one would otherwise have paid attention. The question is, why, when he could so easily have used a more ambiguous, acceptable term, did he choose not to?

Yisrael Medad
you can't quite read? oh well. i await your reaction to the part about the Left's depracatory remarks. you don't think them okay, right?

Ron Kampeas Of course they're not okay. But do you think Alona Kimhi as opposed to the Israeli prime minister, merits the attention of the White House? And are you arguing that it would be okay in Israel, that there would be no consequence, if a major party leader were to say the Sfardim or the Haredim are being bused to the polls in droves?

Stuart Schnee Ron Kampeas there is non stop reference to the Haredi vote. And lapid's party sent out very nasty anti Haredi text messages. And of course the anti Sephardi/religious statements at the left rally in tel Aviv were pretty disgusting (although a great way to get out the Likud vote!) I am not pointing this out to justify or explain away anything. But only to give context.

Ron Kampeas Stuart I did not know about the YA text messages. That's also disheartening, for sure.

Ruthie Blum It should be noted that, prior to his statement, Hamas publicly urged Israeli Arabs to go out and vote. I think that says it all.

Ron Kampeas Yisrael, I liked for that story, which is excellent.

Larry Derfner What's the problem? Don't Christian politicians in U.S. and Europe call on their supporters to go vote because "the Jews are going out to vote in droves"? Happens all the time, no one complains.
Yisrael Medad
Hamas calls on Arabs to vote for Joint List
Izaddin al-Qassam urge Israeli-Arabs to cast their vote, bring about "liberation" in "occupied land."

Yisrael Medad before Larry begins paroxysms, we have a proportional representation system and again, if a party is an Arab List, you can call it Arab. In Germany, there actually is a Christain Party. Get over it you guys.

Ruthie Blum Larry, as you know, no matter what's going on, I adore you -- which just goes to show how charming you must be.

Larry Derfner You're a sweetheart, too, Ruthie, we shall overcome.

Larry Derfner Yisrael, it's not called the Arab List, it's called the Joint List. There is even a Jewish MK on it. But carry on.

Yisrael Medad the list was the Arab population's response to Liberman's 'brilliant' idea of raising the threshhold. it was championed as their answer. they appealed overwhelmingly to the Arab population and their support came from the Arab populace. Yes, one Jew. ...See More

Yisrael Medad "New MK Osama Sa'adi was disappointed with the change that did not end up coming: "The national right-wing camp and Netanyahu came out with a surprise and kept their reign. We are the third largest faction and this is the first time something like this...See More

Daniel Sieradski You gotta love how people who spew racist shit about Palestinians all day long are now working over time to prove Bibi isn't a racist now that their boy is back in office. In another week they'll be back to spewing racist shit again.

And then this:

Larry Derfner Yisrael, I may not be the most charming person, but based on your little insult up there, you're just a plain old asshole. And the name of the party is the Joint List. And if you ever hear gentile politicians warning their supporters to get out and vote because "the Jews are going out to vote in huge quantities," you will be the last one with the right to complain.

So, I responded:
Yisrael Medad Larry, if you clarify for me my insult, i promise to be as charming as you are. As for asshole, well, there goes your charm quotient.

And he helped:

Dan Friedman Yisrael Medad, I know who you are and you know who Derfner is. My advice is let him go in good health, or better still, just go.

Still can't figure out my supposed 'insult'.


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And the same people rant about "the Israel Lobby" and Zionist (aka Jewish) "influence" in America. You can't do both.