Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Anelay's Unalike Analogy

It is reported:

The British Foreign Office is concerned that the Israel Antiquities Authority is supporting "radical settler activities" in and around the Old City of Jerusalem while purporting to promote tourism or protect Jewish historical artifacts, The Independent quoted Joyce Anelay, a Conservative Foreign Office minister [and a history teacher no less], as saying:
“We are aware of the link between the Elad [settler] group and the Israel Antiquities Authority. We are concerned that this link has led to Israel Antiquities Authority’s support of radical settler activities in and around the Old City under the guise of tourism and protection of Jewish history,” Anelay said. “Such actions not only aggravate mounting pressures in East Jerusalem but serve to increase tension around the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif and further complicate future attempts to negotiate a political resolution on the city.”

Could anyone point out to her that

a)  drawing a link between Silwan and the Temple Mount is itself radical and aggravates tensions unnecessarily.

b)  Muslims destroy Jewish-period archaeological remains at the Temple Mount, not to mention their anti-Jewish violence and intolerance.

c)  Jews were ethnically-cleansed by Arabs from Silwan, an act assisted by inadequate British security measures in the 1930s.

d) there is no "guise" in protecting Jewish history.  it is a requirement.

e) there is nothing complicated in all this.


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