Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chances of Right-Wing Bloc in Poll

From the latest Peace Index Poll

and also this comment:

Two weeks before the elections, 61% believe the right-wing bloc’s chances are greater (compared to 59% who thought so in January and 60% in December). Assessments of the center-left bloc’s chances were less stable, with a downward trend—22% in the latest survey compared to 27.5% and 24% in the previous ones, so that in the last month the gap in favor of the right-wing bloc (39%) was the largest. However, on the question “Which bloc would you want to form the government after the upcoming elections?” a different tendency emerged. Over the past three months the gap between the two blocs has diminished considerably, from 22% favoring the right-wing camp in December to 15% in January and 13% in February. In other words, while the gap has indeed narrowed, when it comes to the preference of the Jewish public the scale still tips rightward, and with so little time remaining before the elections the chances of a dramatic change in the center-left’s favor are small. Interestingly, the largest share of the Arab public (43.5%) goes to those unable to assess which bloc—right or center-left—has the better chance to form a government. Meanwhile there is a clear preference here for a government headed by the center-left: 48% compared to only 11% who would rather see a right-wing government.

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